Mohammad Atarod, PhD, PE

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Biomechanics and Accident Reconstruction

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Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanical Analysis of Injury, Premises Liability, Slips/Trips and Falls, Crash Data Retrieval, Heavy Vehicle EDRs, Blackbox Download, Photogrammetry, Computer Simulations, Failure Analysis, Human Factors, Laboratory Testing, 3D Laser Scanning, Expert Witness Testimony


Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University; Doctor of Philosophy, Biomedical Engineering (Biomechanics), University of Calgary, Canada; Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, ; Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering,

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I am a Senior Biomechanical Engineer and Accident Reconstructionist. I am registered as a professional mechanical engineer (PE) in California, Nevada and Colorado. I specialize in accident reconstruction, injury biomechanics and injury mechanism/causation analysis. I works on cases across the country, analyzing injuries in automotive collisions, industrial accidents, workers compensation claims, premises liability claims, slip/trip and falls, and sport/recreation accidents. I have provided litigation support to insurance companies, law firms, and automotive manufacturers/industries over the past 10+ years. Technical Areas of Specialization: – Biomechanical Analysis of Injury – Accident Reconstruction – Premises Liability; Slips/Trips and Falls – Crash Data Retrieval; Heavy Vehicle EDRs – Photogrammetry and 3D Computer Simulations – Vehicle Systems Analysis Services: – Accident Reconstruction – Biomechanical Analysis of Injury – Premises Liability; Slips/Trips and Falls – Crash Data Retrieval – Heavy Truck Blackbox/EDR Downloads – Failure Analysis – Human Factors – Laboratory Testing – 3D Laser Scanning – Computer Simulations – Expert Witness Testimony – Litigation Support Incident Types: The following are examples of types of incidents that I investigate: -Transportation Accidents: Automotive, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Scooters, Golf Carts, Boats, Jet Skis, Buses, Heavy Trucks – Recreational Accidents: Exercise Equipment, Amusement Parks, Playground Incidents, Sports Injuries, Helmets/Personal Protective Equipment – Premises Liability: Slips/Trips and Falls, Falling Objects, Code Compliance – Industrial Accidents: Heavy Equipment, Rotating Machinery, Hand Tools – Healthcare Incidents: Surgical Devices, Orthopedic and Vascular Implants Professional Experience: Principal Biomechanical Engineer, ABL (2020 – present): Testifying expert in accident reconstruction and biomechanical engineering. Analysis of vehicle speeds, collision severities (delta-Vs), seatbelt use and effectiveness, airbag deployment, human body kinematics and dynamics, injury biomechanics, injury causation/mechanisms and injury potential, collisions sequence and timing of injuries in multiple collision events. Differentiating acute traumatic injuries from degenerative conditions. Works on cases in a variety of environments, including automotive, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, pedestrian, industrial, ATV, marine, train, cycling, sport and recreational, occupational, slip, trip and fall incidents, premises, and product liability. Biomechanical Engineer and Accident Reconstructionist, Vollmer-Gray Engineering Labs, Inc. (2015 – 2020): Biomechanical analysis of injury (TBI, whiplash, cervical and lumbar disc herniations, knee injuries, ACL and meniscal tears, etc); Accident analysis and reconstruction (vehicle vs. vehicle, vehicle vs. pedestrian, motorcycle, bicycle and scooter accidents); Crash data retrieval aka blackbox download; Accessing and interpreting heavy vehicle (tractor-trailers, buses, heavy equipment) event data recorders (HVEDR), Telematics, Bendix ABS, etc; 3D scene and vehicle inspection and mapping using Laser Scan and Total Station technology; Computer modeling and simulation (PC-Crash, HVE). Photogrammetry, Photomodeling and Video/Audio Analysis; Premises liability, Slip/trip and fall analysis, Slip resistance/coefficient of friction measurements of walkway surfaces, Code compliance analysis, Lighting measurements, 3D computer modeling of incident scenes; Occupant restraint systems analysis (seatbelts, airbags), Vehicle systems analysis (brakes, steering, exhaust system, engine, etc). Accident Reconstructionist, Collision Analysis Inc., Canada (2014 – 2015): Collision analysis and reconstruction; Vehicle and site inspections; Computer simulations (PCCrash, WinSmash); CDR imaging and analysis; Medical record review and injury mechanism analysis; Transport Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Program.

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