Janet G Attard, RN IV, RNC-MNN, CLNC, MBA, 1L

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General Specialties:

Neonatal – Perinatal Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology

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High Risk Obstetric Care in the areas of L&D, Antepartum, Triage, Post Partum, and NICU. Legal Nurse Consulting, Standard of Care, Scope of Practice, Chain of Command, Communication, Team Work, Collaboration, Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement, Administration Responsibility


RN, BSN, Georgetown University; MBA, Ashford University; JD in progress, Purdue; Paralegal Certificate in progress, Cal State East Bay

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Additional Information

Jan is recognized as a nationally-known Legal Nurse Expert with diverse expertise and 30 yr history as Maternal and Infant Nurse. Jan is a teacher mentor as 8th Edition NRP Mentor Instructor for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Jan has acted as VP Risk, Director Risk, Assistant Manager L&D, NICU, and Post Partum. Jan acts as Adjunct Professor for USF and Samuel Merritt University. Jan works full time as Registered Nurse in High Risk OB in L&D, NICU, and Post Partum. She is honored to act as an integral and collaborative member of the Litigation Team on behalf of Attorneys, Insurance Companies, and Hospital Groups. Jan works diligently for Attorneys, Health Care Organizations. and The California Board of Registered Nursing. Jan works as expert witness both for Plaintiff and Defense. The Legal Nurse Consultant Group under the direction of Jan Attard provides comprehensive, timely, thorough opinion for Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Medical Groups in the evaluation of Nurse Negligence, Standard of Care, Scope of Practice, Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement, and Risk Management in specialty areas of High Risk Obstetrical Nursing – L&D, Antepartum, PP, NICU Malpractice, Negligence, Pediatric Oncology, Pediatric Psychiatry, and Personal Injury. Jan analyzes complex Medical Records for the incident made the basis of the action, rendering concise written opinions and or reports. Jan assists in the evaluation, discovery, interpretation of the factual medical record. Jan aims to provide presentation of clear opinion to assist development of demonstrative evidence for trial. Jan is able to take part in Interrogatories, providing opinion, best source information citing authoritative literature and research. Jan provide factual detail of the presence of Duty, Breach, Causation and Damages as related to the application of reasonable Standard of Care. Jan is aware of Evidence Based Guidelines for specific high risk areas of Nursing Practice involving Nurse Systems Assessment, Evaluation, Following Orders, Chain of Command, Reporting, Documentation, and follow through. Jan is expert in Standard of Care related to OB High Risk Nursing and NICU Nursing. Jan is a specialist in Scope of Practice. Jan is aware of specific Documentation requirements. Jan prepares for and we are prepared to testify under oath at Trial. As an EPIC Super User, Jan has mentored and trained users with the Electronic Medical Record. Jan believes in safe, high quality, collaborative healthcare for all patients, populations, and communities around the world. Jan believes the clinician’s experience is improved via the use of the electronic medical record. Jan works with cutting edge technology in the fast-paced healthcare setting, transforming health systems to ensure quality patient care as a super user for EPIC. Jan is present both in and out of the Operating Room. Jan is present and in active practice with High Risk Hemorrhage, Hypertensive Crisis, and Infant Code scenarios to save lives of mothers and infants on a daily basis. Scope of Practice and Standard of Care for Infant, NICU, and Maternal specialty areas spell out how the care to the patient is performed. Jan drafts concise and to the point Summary Reports including Chronology, Breach of Duty of Care specific to the Specialized Nurse Profession. Confidential Reports are designed for the firm pre- deposition. We provide case review for The California Board of Registered Nursing.

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